Do You Have C-PTSD?

You have most likely heard the term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – also known as PTSD. It is used to describe the mental and emotional anguish suffered by those who have experienced sudden trauma. PTSD is often experienced by soldiers as well as those who have been victims of rape and other crimes, and even victims of house fires and...[ read more ]

Is Social Media Bad for Your Mental Health?

Have you been feeling a bit low lately, but you can’t quite put your finger on why? It may have something to do with your social media habits. According to a recent study, social media use can increase depression and loneliness.For years people have suspected that social media use might have an ability to negatively impact our mental well-being. After...[ read more ]

Scream Box Anger Management Tool for Kids!

Want to make a fun craft with your child that can also act as a coping skill? Child therapist, Chelsea Bogda, walks you through how to make a scream box for a child presenting with anger management issues, frustration tolerance, and coping skills! A scream box can act as an outlet for children coping with anger or frustration. It is also...[ read more ]

Quick Grounding Techniques for Mental & Emotional Health

Christine Barker, Co-Owner and relationship therapist, offers quick grounding techniques that can be used in most environments to stabilize mental and emotional health. Unsure what a Grounding Technique is? Check out Christine's video where she explains what a Grounding Technique is, how it can be used and when to use them: Quick Grounding Techniques By: Christine Barker.  Christine works with...[ read more ]

High School Senior Support Group

Brittany Roback, Co-owner and Therapist, offers a FREE online High School Senior Support Group to manage the crisis the High School Seniors of today are going through. If you are struggling mentally, emotionally or socially, realize you do not have to do this alone. There are other teens like you, that want to help support each other during this difficult...[ read more ]

How to Create a Structured Schedule for E-Learning at Home

Are you a parent juggling your own work schedule and online learning for your child? Are you ready for structure but not sure where to start? Feeling overwhelmed with the chaos and ready or a change? Inner Courage Counselings Co-owner and child therapist, Brittany Roback, provides tips for creating an E-Learning schedule while at home. Children thrive in structure. A...[ read more ]

Figure 8 Deep Breathing Coping Skill

Stress holding you down? Feeling out of control of your life? Want to learn a new coping skill to assist in those stressful times? Want to connect with your child, spouse, family? Learn a new coping skills with our child therapist, Chelsea Bogda. She teaches Figure 8 breathing to help kids and parent’s feel competent in addressing feelings of discomfort....[ read more ]

March Madness

By: Antwa’nae Briars, Masters level Intern- Lewis University I have always wondered why everyone coined March as “mad” and what exactly was so “mad” about it. It could be the transition from winter to spring. Or for those in school, like myself, it could be the fact that this is the halfway mark to get back on track with projects and...[ read more ]

The Five Love Languages

What is your love language? By: Chelsea Bogda How do you receive love? Let’s take a moment and think. When was the last time you felt loved or appreciated? What was happening at that moment? Did someone hug you, give you a gift, or maybe complement your outfit? How about the last time you felt unappreciated? What was missing? Our...[ read more ]

Navigating IN network and OUT of network Insurance in Therapy

Unsure if the therapist you want to see is IN and OUT of network with your insurance? Maybe your are even unsure of what that means? Unsure of who to ask or where to start? Christine Barker, Inner Courage Counseling Co-Owner, describes what an IN network counselor and OUT of network counselor means for your insurance plan. See her easy...[ read more ]

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