5 Ways to Know to Seek Counseling

Not sure if therapy is for you??? Inner Courage Counseling’s co-owner and child therapist, Brittany Roback, offers 5 examples of when it is a good time to seek mental health therapy! Watch her video blog to answer the question: Is it time I seek a behavioral health counselor? Hope our video blog helps you to make the right decision for you......[ read more ]

New View

By: Antwa’nae Briars, Masters level Intern- Lewis Univsersity   We all know the saying. It’s a new year, so it’s a new me. This New Year’s resolution includes going to the gym, eating healthier, dropping old habits, making better life decisions, blah, blah, blah! Still, I often wonder why it takes a new year to make a person new again....[ read more ]


Remaining present in a future focused society By: Chelsea Bogda Are you consumed with planning, worrying, or mindlessly scrolling through your phone? Do you find yourself unable to take a step back and enjoy the present moment? If so, you are not alone! We live in a society where constant stimulation and overbooked schedules are the new “norm.” So much...[ read more ]

Adjusting to this Adjustment called: LIFE

By: Antwa’nae Briars, Masters level Intern- Lewis Univsersity   My past year has had a theme. I believe my biggest theme for this year has been adjusting to every task I have been challenged with. The funny thing is that we’re close to the end of this year, and I still have not adjusted to 2019! My space still needs...[ read more ]

Healthier Boundaries, Healthier You

Burdened Without Boundaries? By: Brittany Roback, LCPC, CADC   My friend called me over this past holiday weekend to ask me for advice on how to deal with a family member, let’s call the family member “Fred”. My friend is at a loss as to what to do. Emotions are high, feelings are hurt and she feels helpless when it...[ read more ]

New Year – Healthier Me

As the door is closing on 2019, the start of a new year is quickly approaching! With a new year comes a “fresh start,” “new chapter,” “an opportunity for change,” and the next attempt to reach the new (or recycled) goals we set for ourselves. What is the point of a New Year’s Resolution, one might ask? Some might say...[ read more ]

Creating Confidence in Seconds

Confidence: a simple word that can have complex implications on our life. It impacts how we treat others, how others treat us, and ultimately how we treat ourselves. It influences the way we interact with the world, opportunities we do or do not take, our goals and what we believe is possible for our life. Confidence, or our lack thereof,...[ read more ]

Inner Courage Unlocked

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”.  - Mahatma Gandhi I have heard this quote and said this quote more times than I can remember. This is a quote I live by and a quote that holds such power. It is also a quote that breeds vulnerability and fear. In order to “be the change,” we must address...[ read more ]

3 Ways to Maximize Your Time

We all know the feeling of having too much to do and too little time to do it all. Struggling to keep up with our demanding schedules, we often try to do everythingall at once. This isn’t a terrible concept if you’re only goal is to finish everything as quickly as possible. However, if you need to finish everything well...[ read more ]

Grief & Loss

“It is kind of shocking when your world falls to pieces and everything and everyone around you carries on with life. How can the birds continue to sing? How can people carry on loving life? It is like you have become frozen in time and are now watching life like a movie. As the weeks and months roll by, life...[ read more ]

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