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    Full Time Therapist


    Job Title: Clinical Counselor


    Position Overview: Inner Courage Counseling values working with passionate therapists who prioritizes the needs of their clients in a professional and compassionate manner. Therapists at Inner Courage Counseling will be responsible for maintaining their assigned caseload in addition to the following: meeting all required deadlines for documentation (case notes, treatment plans, diagnosis, etc.), attending scheduled staff meetings and required trainings, maintaining appropriate CE’s required for licensure and attending supervision as it applies to the candidate’s level of licensure. Please see below for a more detailed list of position requirements. 


    Why ICC?: Inner Courage Counseling is a local business that promotes the mental health and wellness of our community as a whole. We believe in creating and maintaining an atmosphere in which our staff and clients both feel supported and cared for. Our mission is to help clients find their truth through compassionate and quality counseling, to bring emotional peace and normalization to mental health struggles; one person, one counselor and one community at a time. We are a welcoming, dynamic, and collaborative team who takes pride in the work we do and values opportunities we have to make a difference in our communities. Our work environment promotes a connected community where clinicians and professionals can learn and grow to reach their highest potential and assist clients on that same journey.


    Our Values: Inner Courage Counseling is a business driven by values that guide who we are as professionals and members of society. We hire staff who prioritize these values and make consistent efforts to bring them to life.

    Integrity: We aim to provide quality services to our clients by means of honesty, openness, and morality. We achieve this by maintaining the highest quality assurance through attention to legal and ethical requirements, prioritizing confidentiality, and openly communicating with each other and our clients. 

    Care: ICC was founded based on the passion our owners have for the field of mental health and for helping those in need. We prioritize providing quality counseling services through genuine care and compassion. 

    Courage: We acknowledge the bravery required when reaching out for help and working through mental health struggles. We aim to demonstrate the same courage we hope to instill in our client’s within our work at ICC.



    • Establish positive, trusting rapport with clients and staff
    • Diagnose and treat mental health disorders
    • Create individualized treatment plans according to client needs and circumstances
    • Meet with clients regularly to provide counseling and appropriate treatment 
    • Maintain a caseload of an average of 25 clients per week (with 30 hours of availability)  for up to 60 days to be considered a full time therapist or a caseload of 15 clients per week (with 20 hours of availability) to be considered a part time therapist. 
    • Arrive to all scheduled sessions and meetings on time
    • Conduct ongoing assessments of client progress and adjust treatment plans as necessary
    • Involve and advise Client’s family members when appropriate
    • Refer clients to outside specialists or agencies when necessary
    • Maintain thorough records of client meetings and progress
    • Follow all safety protocols and maintain client confidentiality
    • Contribute to practice by accomplishing related tasks as needed
    • Update treatment plans every 6 months
    • Identify and communicate regarding termination of clients
    • Confirm clients information is correct in system
    • Learn and competently utilize EHR system
    • Schedule all appointments following client’s initial appointment 
    • Communicate with clients as needed
    • Note taking and appropriate documentation for each client within the required time frame
    • Attend onboarding training
    • Attend monthly Staff Meetings
    • Attend weekly Supervision Meetings
    • Provide two recorded sessions per month to use as tool within the supervisory setting as well as for training/educational purposes
    • Attend weekly Mentor Meetings
    • Introduction phone calls to new clients prior to their first session
    • 90 Day Review with Brittany and Christine
    • Make any requests to edit or alter notes in a timely manner
    • Attend additional trainings as requested by owners and supervisors
    • Attend any mandatory trainings
    • Attend performance reviews as needed or mandatory annual review


    Qualifications and Skills

    • Must adhere to mission and values of Inner Courage Counseling
    • Must maintain confidentiality of clients by adhering to the requirements of HIPAA
    • Must demonstrate effective and consistent time management
    • Must be organized and detail oriented
    • Must value collaborative work and be a team player
    • Must be competent in basic use of technology
    • Must have strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Must promote inclusivity within the workplace while avoiding engaging in any negative actions which would be harmful to our team environment



    • Minimum of a Masters degree in psychology, counseling, or social work
    • Must either have obtained or be in the process of obtaining minimal state licensure


    Pay Structure

    Starting Hourly RatesPart-TimeFull-Time
    MA$30/clinical hour$35/clinical hour
    LPC$35/clinical hour$40/clinical hour
    LCPC$45/clinical hour$50/clinical hour


    Benefits packagePart-TimeFull-Time
    Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance available

    (50% of medical benefits paid)

    Supportive Team Environment
    401k Matching plan
    Flexible Hours
    Working with Awesome People!