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  • Daily Mood Charts – A Tool Used in CBT Therapy

    Daily Mood Chart Journals:

    We have seen a trend of our clients looking for ways to take what they are working on during their counseling sessions and apply them in their daily lifestyle.  Brittany Yacko, LPC has created a video to explain What is a daily mood chart and how do we use it?

    Daily Mood Chart is a common Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT Tool.  It helps clients to gain a deeper understanding of their emotions, moods, feelings, and behaviors.  When trying to understand these emotions/ moods/ feelings/ or behaviors once can use a Daily Mood Journal to keep track of daily activities, any triggers they might have encountered, and how the client managed their feelings during these times.

    This video helps you to learn to identify, regulate, and be prepared for mood fluctuations when confronted by daily triggers.  It also dives into what is a primary or secondary emotion.

    Brittany Yacko’s Daily Mood Chart Instructional Video

    Blank Daily Mood Chart from

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