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  • Navigating IN network and OUT of network Insurance in Therapy

    Unsure if the therapist you want to see is IN and OUT of network with your insurance? Maybe your are even unsure of what that means? Unsure of who to ask or where to start?

    Christine Barker, Inner Courage Counseling Co-Owner, describes what an IN network counselor and OUT of network counselor means for your insurance plan. See her easy to understand explanation of In network vs. Out of network insurance. 

    In her vlog, Christine discusses:

    -What does IN network mean.

    -What does OUT of network mean

    -How to find out which network your therapist is in.

    – Which network fits your financial needs best.

    Dealing with your insurance can take a process that is supposed to be helpful and stress-less and muddle it with fears of additional expenses and confusing lingo.

    Let us help you get your money’s worth out of your insurance and put the counseling services that are available under your insurance plan to good use.

    If the thought of navigating insurance overwhelms you, let us help guide you through the insurance world to help you get on the path of growth in the therapy world.

    Keep an eye out for future blogs and vlogs on our Blogs page that offer further information on what to specifically say to your insurance company when asking for mental health benefits. As well as what do all the credentials mean behind counselor’s names when searching the internet for the right counseling fit.

    Check out our Understanding Insurance When Starting Counseling vlog here!

    Give us a call today to help you navigate utilizing your insurance for mental health therapy, counseling and behavioral health services.

    We look forward to supporting you!

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