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  • New Year – Healthier Me

    As the door is closing on 2019, the start of a new year is quickly approaching! With a new year comes a “fresh start,” “new chapter,” “an opportunity for change,” and the next attempt to reach the new (or recycled) goals we set for ourselves. What is the point of a New Year’s Resolution, one might ask? Some might say it is to help improve our lives or to change the things that are holding us back. Entering into 2019, some of the top resolutions included goals relating to diet, exercise, finances, hobbies, etc. (McCarthy, 2019).


    With each resolution comes a current behavior/problem we wish to change.

    Let’s ask ourselves a few questions.

    –      When did this behavior/problem begin?

    –      How long has this been a goal?

    –      What is standing in my way?

    As of 2018, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) found that out of the tens of millions of individuals affected by mental illness in the United States, only half are receiving treatment. Mental illness is more prevalent than we might think, and can often lead to problems/behaviors that we wish to change. Symptoms that might point to problems with mental health include but are not limited to:

    –      Loss of motivation (Inability to focus on goals, exercise, engage in necessary daily activities)

    –      Changes in eating (Overeating, not eating enough or at all, erratic/inconsistent eating)

    –      Impulsivity (Spending beyond means, engaging in reckless behaviors)

    –      Reliance on outlets that may impact health(Smoking, drinking, difficulty balancing work/responsibilities, and time with family/friends).

    What if, at the start of 2020, instead of creating resolutions to focus on specific behaviors, we create resolutions that prioritize our Mental Health? Not sure what those might look like? Here are a few ideas of goals that aim to prioritize our Mental Health and put us on the path to improving our overall well-being.

    Resolution’s that Prioritize Mental Health

    1. Self-check in’s

    Set aside a few minutes each day to see how we are doing? Listen to our bodies and our minds, what are we hearing? Do we need a break, are we overworked, spread too thin, have we eaten today?

    1. Practicing positive self-talk

    “What are the most powerful words in the Universe? The ones you use to talk to yourself.” (Karen Salmansohn). Over time, the words we use to talk to ourselves impacts the way we view ourselves. If we practice replacing negative self-talk with positive, our self-view will change as well.

    • Write yourself a letter
      • 2020 is going to have its ups and downs. Consider writing yourself a letter or some little reminders to read throughout the year. You can write an encouraging letter for those harder days, some positive affirmations for those days when we need a bit more motivation, and maybe writing what we love about ourselves to show kindness in those moments in between.
    1. Improve self-awareness

    Start giving attention to our feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and the impact they have on our lives.

    1. Schedule an appointment with a therapist

    Prioritizing our mental health can seem overwhelming. Meeting with a therapist allows the opportunity to have a professional help break down our goals into a few simplified steps.


    To find a counselor in your area visit:

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    Inner Courage Counselor’s 2020 Resolutions 

    Christine Barker– “Take a HIPAA compliance course”.

    Chelsea Bogda– “Step out of my comfort zone. Challenge myself!”

    Antwanae Briars– “To work in a school setting”.

    Erin Burns– “Sticking to my self care routine and maintaining my boundaries”.

    Brittany Roback– “Spend less on things and more on memories”.




    By Chelsea Bogda, LPC | December 01, 2019

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