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    What makes me different:
    My goal for clients is to encourage them to embrace their internal experience—emotions, thoughts, sensations—with openness and curiosity. Through fostering acceptance and compassion, we create space for healing and transformation, guiding them on a path towards alleviating suffering and achieving personal growth.


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    Ages I work with:

    • Adults

    Accepted Payment Methods:

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    About Me:

    Pronouns: she/her

    Education: Bachelor’s degree in psychology, University of Ibagué, 2018

    Education: MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Concentration in Mindfulness Based Transperonal Counseling, Naropa University, 2023

    Language Spoken: Spanish

    About Me:

    I use my knowledge of Gestalt, Person-Centered and Emotionally Focused Therapy Techniques to address anxiety, stress, depression and Autism Disorder.

    Favorite Quote:

    “The quieter you become, the more you can hear” – Ram Dass

    How I Help my Clients:

    I characterize myself as calm, sensitive, and thoughtful.  Outside of counseling, I enjoy living an active lifestyle, focusing on fitness and healthy eating. Family time and being with my dogs are my top priorities. I intend to take gentle “mindful” pauses throughout my day, appreciating moments in nature and maintaining a consistent self-care routine. In my downtime, I often read a book or catch up on Netflix.

    My ideal client might be someone who is seeking guidance and support in navigating their inner experiences. They are open to exploring mindfulness, self-compassion, and transpersonal techniques as avenues for cultivating acceptance. These individuals could be struggling with emotional pain or facing challenges, seeking healing and transformation. They are ready to connect with their pain within a therapeutic relationship, engaging in a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, and are willing to embrace their inner experiences with openness and curiosity.  As a bilingual mental health counselor specializing in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling, I provide a holistic approach that integrates body, mind, emotions and spirit. I prioritize creating a safe space for exploration and healing within the therapeutic relationship. Mindfulness, meditation, introspection, and mind/body awareness techniques are essential to my practice. Each session is tailored to individual needs, trusting the client’s process and promoting living life with awareness, kindness, and acceptance.

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