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  • Kelly Beyer, LPC

    Kelly Beyer, Therapist, Inner Courage Counseling

    “If we want to engage with the world from a place of worthiness, we have to talk about the things that get in the way.” Brené Brown


    Everyone has a story to tell, sometimes that story has parts you might be reluctant to tell but important in order to move forward in a positive way in life. That may be due to uncertainty, shame, your upbringing, or maybe the lack of a safe space and/or safe person to talk to.  Counseling provides a safe space to talk about the things that get in the way. Finding the right counselor, one who can share your space with/without judgment can seem daunting. My ability to pull from metaphors, humor, and life experiences allows for the development of a trusting therapeutic relationship to be fluid and seamless.

    As a counselor I am walking the path, connecting with people, helping people see possibilities in a variety of circumstances in the various stages of their lives and facilitating the processing through the things that get in the way. I will share your space and experience your experiences with you, utilizing a combination of my clinical knowledge and work/life experiences as a means to facilitate positive progress at a pace dictated by you, the client, providing you with the best possible care. I have experience in the use of Choice theory/Reality therapy, CBT, Gestalt therapy, mindfulness practices, Existentialism, and Person-centered therapy interventions all used to help you express and obtain your goals in your counseling services. My clients will learn the importance of the word, “AND.” How adding that word will destroy any finite qualities a statement, thought, or way of being once had. The power in that word does not even have to be spoken with emphasis, just including it can evoke positivity, which is almost always change in it itself.

    Given my background, I enjoy working with First Responders and Active/Retired Military Personel.

    Online Therapy Services

    Kelly is currently offering online counseling services. She is also working with clients in-person, at our Wheaton and Naperville Locations, with very minimal availability. For virtual sessions, utilizing our HIPAA compliant platform, Kelly brings therapy to you in the safety of your home. When working on trauma, struggles of being a first responder, and LGBTQIA+ related topics, the comfort of your home may be the best place to meet with Kelly to achieve the therapy goals you are looking to gain. This is where online virtual counseling becomes an additional asset for her to clinically work with you.


    Forms of Payment Accepted

    Kelly accepts the following insurance plans:

    Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO




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