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    What makes me different:
    Navigating the world, as well as the journeys of self-discovery and healing, can be daunting challenges. I hope to provide a safe space for my clients in which they can build the skills they need to thrive with gentle and affirming assistance. Maintaining a space of benevolent understanding for my clients to safely grow and discover their truest and innermost selves is my main prerogative. Given the opportunity, I’d like to be able to lend a hand in my clients lives the way therapy has done in mine.


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    Ages I work with:

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    About Me:

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Education: BA in Psychology, 2020

    Education: Masters of Clinical Mental Counseling, 2022


    I use my knowledge of Narrative Therapy, Gestalt, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy to address multicultural concerns, LGBTQIA+ topics, and anxiety.

    Favorite Quote:

    “You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody” -Maya Angelou

    How I Help my Clients:

    Going through my own journeys of self-discovery and mental health struggles, I understand first-hand how terrifying and lonely navigating these situations can be. I aspire to be the change and available resource that was unavailable to me and my communities so long ago. These experiences and desires are what ignited my passion in pursuing a career as a therapist. To see my dream as a therapist realized, I structured my background in the field of Psychology. I spent all my years in higher education cultivating my skills and diversifying my knowledge by studying various subjects and approaches within the realm of counseling and social psychology. I was intentional with my background in order to one day be able to present myself as a therapist who is competent and capable as well as understanding and kind. With clients, I utilize affirming and encouraging approaches to assist in collaboratively building coping skills, strengthening mental health awareness, and nurturing healing. Empathy, encouragement, and positive affirmation aremy three personal pillars when holding space with clients in sessions. It is my hope that in valuing and promoting these pillars, each client feels seen and listened to, in all their uniqueness and individuality. As the variance of human experience is so vast, I cherish andvalue each of my clients in their beautifully unique differences and origins. Thus my services are culturally sensitive and LGBTQIA+ affirming.

    I look forward to connecting with clients who aspire to begin the brave first steps in taking back the reins of their life. Whether that be in discovering new coping skills, building a better understanding of struggles related to mental health, requiring assistance in navigating the stressors of everyday life, or simply seeking a benevolent ear to listen. Specifically, I aim to use affirming and encouraging approaches in collaborative effort with individuals working through identity, self-discovery, self-confidence, boundaries, daily life struggles, healing from past trauma, stress, periods of life transition, anxiety, and depression. Overall, I aspire to assist in strengthening one’s trust in themselves and their ability to confidently navigate their own stressors and concerns.

    More About Me:

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    Proud Member of the following organization(s):

    American Psychological Association (APA)