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  • Taylor French, LPC

    Taylor French, Therapist, Inner Courage Counseling


    Hello! I’m so happy that you are looking for the support that will benefit you during this time in your life! I know that seeking counseling and trying to find the counselor who is right for you can be a nerve wracking task whether you have been to counseling before or not! That is why my first priority is to create an environment for my clients that feels comfortable and relaxed. I enjoy using humor and sarcasm in session when appropriate to create this relaxed atmosphere for clients. I encourage open and honest communication and allow my genuine personality and reactions to come through to support an authentic counseling relationship. I believe that the counseling relationship is the foundation of the counseling process from which the counseling theories and techniques build off of. I know I would have a tough time opening up to someone that I did not feel comfortable with, which is why I focus on the environment and rapport!
    A little about my background is that I received my masters in counseling in 2021 from Lewis University and graduated with a concentration in child and adolescent mental health. While my education had a concentration in child and adolescent mental health, my clinical practice has consisted of work ranging from children through adulthood. I have a great deal of experience working with trauma and domestic violence and have received training in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. I also have experience working with anxiety, depression, ADHD, school related issues, and parenting.
    As I said, my major focus is on creating a strong counseling relationship, but I tend to utilize cognitive behavioral therapy and/or interpersonal therapy. I have also used some components of dialectical behavior therapy. However, I recognize the importance of tailoring counseling to the individual client because since everyone has their unique story, their counseling will require a unique approach. In session, I stress the importance of developing healthy coping skills and applying the skills from counseling to their everyday life so that people feel confident in their ability to support themselves too! I always educate clients on mental health topics relevant to them so that they can pair this education with their strengths and newly learned counseling skills to have all the tools they need to support themselves once they are done with counseling! My goal for clients is to walk away feeling validated, heard, and armed with the skills to cope with what life brings!
    In-Person/Online Therapy Services
    Taylor is currently offering online counseling services. She is also offering in-person sessions, at our Naperville Location, with minimal availability. For virtual sessions, utilizing our HIPAA compliant platform, Taylor brings therapy to you in the safety of your home. When working issues such as trauma, divorce, depression and anxiety, the comfort of your home may be the best place to meet with Taylor to achieve the therapy goals you are looking to gain. This is where online virtual counseling becomes an additional asset for her to clinically work with you.
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