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  • Vera Mesquita, Masters intern

    Vera Mesquita, Intern, Inner Courage Counseling

    Hi, I’m Vera! I am Brazilian, speak English, Portuguese and Spanish, and am pursuing my Master’s in Social Work. I have a background in journalism, which may seem like a completely different field, but one of my responsibilities was to ask questions and listen to people’s stories with empathy and an open mind. Mental health has always been a big part of my life, and I dealt with quite a bit of struggle myself. Throughout my self-discovery journey, I found a will to help other women who face challenges themselves. So becoming a therapist seemed like a natural step for me. Being from a different country gives me a multicultural approach to basically everything I do, especially therapy. There is no right way to do things. There is YOUR way of doing things. It is your life, and it is time to take the reins.

    People go through massive changes throughout their lives. Women, in particular, face challenges and difficult choices. We want to do it all, and we try our best to juggle maternity, family, career, relationships, hobbies, and aspirations.
    While we try to accomplish all that, we may lose something crucial: a sense of who we are and what we want. Finding time and energy to spend on ourselves can be overwhelming and even painful. But if we don’t nourish our mind, body, and soul, we will never succeed properly in any area of our lives.

    I want to help women find their voices, passion, and, most importantly, their strength to build an authentic, fulfilling life.
    I believe in a holistic approach to everything. Mind, body, and soul are connected and will only work if they are tuned. I use Mindfulness, breathing exercises, and core beliefs exploration to touch every aspect of a client’s life.
    Understanding your story, where you come from is essential to make sense of the present and even more critical to make effective changes in the future.

    I offer a multicultural holistic view of the client’s situation. Working with the client, I suggest some tools and interventions like Mindfulness, Inquiring, Core Believes exploration, etc. We decide everything together and work towards the primary goal, which is their well-being.

    I would love to walk alongside you on this journey and guide you into a better life in any way I can.

    In-Person/Online Therapy Services

    Vera is currently offering online counseling services. She is also offering in-person sessions, at our Naperville Location, with very limited availability. For virtual sessions, utilizing our HIPAA compliant platform, Vera brings therapy to you in the safety of your home. When working issues such as women’s issues, anxiety, and depression , the comfort of your home may be the best place to meet with Vera to achieve the therapy goals you are looking to gain. This is where online virtual counseling becomes an additional asset for her to clinically work with you.

    Forms of Payment Accepted

    Vera is able to provide services at a reduced rate of $25 or accepts the following insurance plans:

    Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO


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