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  • March Madness

    By: Antwa’nae Briars, Masters level Intern- Lewis University

    I have always wondered why everyone coined March as “mad” and what exactly was so “mad” about it. It could be the transition from winter to spring. Or for those in school, like myself, it could be the fact that this is the halfway mark to get back on track with projects and assignments. For those who have careers and jobs, what loose ends do you want to tie up? What stands out the most is the transition into spring. This transition calls for packing up our heavy coats and sweaters, bringing out our colorful clothes, and experiencing a boost in our mood.  With spring comes more time spent outside and exposure to natural sunlight.

    • What are the things that you are preparing to transition into?
    • Do you need a bigger push to jump over significant hurdles that are coming your way?
    • What’s keeping you from accomplishing this?

    The one thing that I’m excited about is cleaning and tying up loose ends. When I clean, I often feel that I am not just throwing away old “things.” I’m throwing away memories that I am ready to free myself from. I am tossing out old habits that form when feeling anxious. I am letting go of old feelings and toxic relationships. Most importantly, I am welcoming the opportunity for a better environment and an improved “me.”

    How about you?

    When it comes to you, what is something you would like to change? The idea of a cleanse does not necessarily have to be cleaning your room. The first step starts by recognizing there is a change to be made. Acknowledging the fact that something needs to be changed is the foot in the door for your chance to grow.


    I challenge you to identify specific situations that may not have been as beneficial for you. Whether it was not giving yourself enough time to study, clean, have fun, or simply love yourself more. Note the things that you want to happen differently. Remember to pay attention to where your thoughts are leading you, as well as the impact of those thoughts. Are they positive? Negative? If so, why is that? Acknowledge your hurdles so that you’re better able to take that jump forward. As we enter into “March madness,” let this month be the one for better transitions, ridding old habits, and accepting the opportunities that you allow to come your way. There is no better place to start than the present.

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    By Antwa’nae Briars | March 2020

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