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  • Thought Records – A Tool Used in CBT Therapy

    What is a Thought Record?

    Several of our Inner Courage Counseling clients are trying to find tips and strategies to use what they are working on in counseling at home during their day-to-day routine.  A quite easy tool to incorporate daily is called a Thought Record.  A Thought Record is one very well-known tool used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT.  It helps to identify automatic thoughts that occur throughout the day that might create an unhealthy mood or feeling.  Brittany Yacko, LPC explains that these automatic thoughts happen so quickly that we fail to notice their presence.  Several emotions can stem from just one automatic thought.

    Why do we use a Thought Record?

    So why do we use a thought record?  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy believes that if a person can become more aware of their automatic thoughts, using the Thought Records, that one can have a more balanced mood and feel less upset.  Brittany describes not only how CBT can help, but also how to use a Thought Record in the video below.  We have also included a copy of the five-column Thought Record referenced in the video, but a quick internet search will provide other styles if you feel the five-column version is not the right fit for you.

    Brittany Yacko’s Thought Record Instructional Video

    Thought Record

    Next Steps:

    Did you feel that this video resonated with you and you want to learn other new tips and tricks to understanding your automatic thoughts?  Brittany is currently accepting virtual clients at our locations in Naperville, IL, Plainfield, IL, and Oswego, IL.  Learn More about Brittany Yacko, LPC or complete the Appointment Request to get scheduled with her today!

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