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Aubrey Koel is a licensed psychotherapist in the Chicago area specializing in executive clientele. She received her B.A. in psychology from Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis and completed her Master’s in Clinical Psychology at Roosevelt University. Throughout her education and training, Aubrey has tailored her experiences to better understand the needs and challenges of individuals in high-pressure settings, such as professional athletes and top-level executives.

“My goal is to help transform how mental health services are perceived and consumed in our modern world. For busy executives, time is a valuable commodity and often a barrier to seeking help. By providing a service that brings therapy straight to the client’s office, I can create opportunities for healing even during the most hectic of days.”

Proudly working with clients of various cultural backgrounds and identities, Aubrey celebrates diversity and promotes inclusion. She is dedicated to providing an accepting, non-judgemental space in which clients are free to explore their truest selves.

Let us Bring Therapy to You

Do you struggle to make yourself a priority due to your demanding schedule?

Is lack of time your greatest barrier to seeking help?

Would you like a therapist to come to you during your busy workday?

Do you travel often and need options for video and phone sessions?

Life is moving at an ever-increasing speed and prioritizing self-care can be a challenge. For those who are driven and career-focused, time is an especially scarce commodity and often listed as one of the greatest barriers to mental health treatment. To transform this reality, we have developed a service that caters to executive clientele who need a therapist to come to them.

Allow us to bring therapy to the comfort of your own office, leaving behind the stress of commuting and protecting your valuable time. This service is currently offered to clients in the Chicago and Naperville area. For those who have busy travel schedules or simply cannot provide a confidential space in their office, live video and phone sessions are also available regardless of your location.

To schedule an appointment with our Executive Psychotherapist, please contact Aubrey Koel, LPC, at (312) 588-6711.
For more information regarding this service and to contact Aubrey Koel via message, please visit

1754 N. Washington St Suite 104A
Naperville, IL 60563

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