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    Sessions with Masters Level Interns

    If you are wondering about the benefits of receiving counseling from a Masters Level Intern, you have come to the right place!  Our Master’s level intern program provides a mutually beneficial safe space between a clinical masters student and client to explore and address their clinical needs.


    Our interns are able to provide a quality counseling experience at a reduced rate of $25 per session.



    Did you know a Masters level intern is required to receive weekly one-on-one supervision with a fully licensed supervisor AND meet weekly with their university supervisor? It’s the truth! You will meet with your therapy intern on a regular basis but will have the knowledge and support of experienced licensed clinicians behind the scenes, both from Inner Courage Counseling and the intern’s university.



    Here at Inner Courage Counseling, we hand place individuals seeking counseling with the appropriate therapist, this even includes interns. We feel counseling progress starts with the relationship and cannot always be measured by license level.



    Our interns are nearing the end of their schooling, which has most likely taken 6+ years to learn, engage, and practice the skills they will be using in your counseling session to help you meet your goals.



    Inner Courage Counseling values quality care for their clients. This stands for our front office staff to licensed therapists to Masters interns. When a potential client reaches out for services, we understand the courage and vulnerability that goes into that step towards change. We are not willing to put a client in a position to be a “guinea pig”. For these reasons, we ask our interns to go through an extensive interview process to make sure they are able to perform at the level of clinical competence we want to provide to our clients and that Inner Courage Counseling can provide the level of support needed for our clients therapy experience.



    Many of our interns come to us after transitioning to the field of counseling as a second career. They are able to bring the experience from their past into their clinical work to best help you, as their client. Being that they are also still immersed in their education, they also provide fresh perspective regarding counseling practices, theories, interventions and skills they can offer you. 


    More information about our pricing can be found by visiting our Rates and Insurance page.


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