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  • About Us

    Have you ever dreamt about leaving your mark on the world?

    Not only to help those in need but to share your knowledge with others so they can, in turn, pay that help forward to others they encounter?

    Once upon a time in the land of North Aurora, IL, Brittany Roback and Christine Barker united forces to do just that!

    Brittany and Christine worked together for many years at a private practice. In their cumulative experience of almost 20 years, they saw gaps in mental health services that needed to be addressed. After many discussions and anxious feelings, they decided to find the inner courage to open up their own counseling practice thus Inner Courage Counseling was born! Inner Courage was established in June 2019 and has been a proud member of the Naperville, IL community ever since. When Inner Courage counseling first opened, there was a staff of 4. Today, we have a staff of almost 30 in just two short years. Inner Courage Counseling also has 2 locations, Naperville, IL and Wheaton, IL, to best serve their clients.

    You might ask WHY? Why did they unlock their inner courage and take this leap of faith? They wanted to provide the most legal and ethical services that clients deserved. Brittany and Christine created ICC to incorporate their values of diversity, equity and inclusion for anyone that needs help.

    Let’s face it, bedside manner is an important factor when making a trusting connection with a therapist. Brittany and Christine are wholeheartedly devoted to assuring that clients individual needs are met and that Inner Courage Counseling’s presence in the field of mental health is directly fighting the stigma of mental health.