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    Women’s Rights Resources

    Ashley Eller, LPC has created this amazing list of resources to support Women’s Rights.  She says, “As an individual who owns a uterus, it is incredibly important to me to create a network of resources, information, and donations to support legal access to medical care”.

    As counselors, we are here to support ALL issues that affect our clients including those social justice violations like we are currently undergoing on a federal level. Part of this responsibility as a counselor comes with advocacy for your beliefs and your clients for the betterment of society. Please take a second to review all of the links that I have included below regarding this movement.


    Planned Parenthood









    National Network of Abortion Funds




    Women’s March









    BIPOC/WOC Links



    Brigid Alliance



    Remaining Safe at Marches and Protests

    This resource does include tips specifically for BIPOC individuals.




    Other Resources