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    World Kindness Day

    By: Lauren Buckley, Masters Level Intern

    November 13th, 2022 is considered World Kindness Day. It is an international holiday that was formed in 1998 to promote kindness throughout the world. Specifically, the purpose is: “to highlight good deeds in the community focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness which binds us” (National Today, 2022). World Kindness Day is recognized and practiced in many countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, the U.A.E., and more.

    In terms of the history of World Kindness Day, it traces back to a Tokyo based convention in 1997 where several countries met to discuss their dedication to kindness in society. The countries that were a part of this included Australia, Thailand, USA, and the United Kingdom. The group’s aim was to “pledge to join together to build a kinder and more compassionate world” (National Today, 2022). As a result, in 1998, they launched the inaugural World Kindness Day. 

    As for means of celebration, there are several activities that individuals can partake in order to help others and encourage kindness. Some ideas may include complimenting others, giving extra hugs to those that need it, and journaling kind things about oneself or others. Further, one can engage in volunteering, helping the homeless, donating, taking care of children, saving pets from animal shelters, and more. All of these deeds promote compassion and consideration for others. 

    Acts of kindness have the potential to elicit many positive effects and implications. According to research, people that are consistently kind are found to produce 23% less cortisol (a stress hormone) and age slower than the average population (National Today, 2022).  Further, it has been observed that when other people see others engaging in kindness, they are likely to act kindly toward others as well. Another finding observed that engaging in kindness lowers blood pressure. “Emotional warmth releases the hormone oxytocin, which dilates the blood vessels and therefore lowers your blood pressure” (National Today, 2022). Kindness also has a positive impact on one’s social health. According to Sharma, “It is said that kindness improves interpersonal relationships and social connections and boosts your overall well-being” (Sharma, 2022). Kindness also has the ability to improve emotional and mental wellbeing, removes negative energies like hate and anger, improves physical health, boosts self-acceptance, and makes one feel good about themself (Sharma, 2022). 

    World Kindness Day sheds light on the importance of being compassionate towards others as well as oneself. As Sharma quotes, “​​Kindness isn’t faith but hope for a better future. Being kind doesn’t require you to do anything much. It requires you to think, feel, and act positively towards those around you” (Sharma, 2022). Recognizing the necessity of being kind to ourselves is integral in order to help others. Acknowledging our strengths and positive qualities is important to build self-esteem and self-awareness. It is recommended that individuals daily practice self-care as a way to engage in healthy habits and mindsets. This is important for counselors and other helping professionals in order to provide the highest quality services to those that we serve.

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