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    Hello! Welcome to the first step to finding counseling.  We all struggle mentally, emotionally and behaviorally.  Some of us more than others.  Each of us is made up of a unique set of personalities, characteristics, backgrounds and experiences that play into our mental health and emotional health.  As a result, we can find problems in certain areas of life.  Here at Inner Courage Counseling, we can help guide you along your journey to unlock your inner courage and connect with the best version of yourself.  We can help you to create the identity you desire.


    Mental Health Therapy Services

    Here are some of the behavioral health services our therapist’s offer for Children, Adolescents, Teenagers, Adults, Individuals, Families, and Couples for counseling and therapy services:

    Anxiety CounselingChild CounselingCognitive Processing Therapy for Trauma (CPT)Couples & Relationship Counseling
    Depression CounselingFamily CounselingGrief CounselingIdentity Counseling
    LGBTQIA+ CounselingMasters level intern programMaternal/Perinatal Mental HealthParenting Support
    Teen/Adolescent CounselingTrauma CounselingCounseling GroupsTerapeuta en español



     #Culturaldiversity #Diversityandinclusion #BLM

    See my color. I can’t afford to be colorblind.

    Speak up when you see something is wrong.

    Stay. Sometimes the event passes, don’t just be there in the moment, stay with me in the moment long enough for the transition to occur.

    Stand. Continue to stand with me when it gets rough. When the time passes from the event, stand in there with me. Even when it gets uncomfortable.

    Study. Get books that will educate you. Watch documentaries that will educate you.


    Inner Courage Counseling staff are participating in the United Way of Illinois Equity Challenge. The program helps to engage conversation through weekly challenge prompts about racial equality and systematic racism.

    To participate in the United Way Equity Challenge, 

    sign up here for FREE and start talking!


    Help is here.  Counseling is available.  Therapy can help.

    Take the first step by calling us at (630) 995-3193. Or drop us an email.  We are friendly 🙂

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