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  • Inner Courage Unlocked

    “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. 

    – Mahatma Gandhi

    I have heard this quote and said this quote more times than I can remember. This is a quote I live by and a quote that holds such power. It is also a quote that breeds vulnerability and fear. In order to “be the change,” we must address what needs changing. We must place ourselves in the heart of vulnerability and find the courage to push through.

    🗝Have you ever struggled to push through fear and find the courage to take that next step?

    Inner Courage Counseling was built from that exact struggle. From facing vulnerability, addressing what needs changing, and finding the courage within myself to take those next steps. We might not always feel like we have courage within us, but I am here to tell you that it is there and it is our goal to help you find your inner courage.

    Inner courage is addressing the fire standing in our way and finding it within ourselves to walk through that fire and becoming the “change” we wish to see in our own lives and the world.

    My name is Christine Barker, I am a Co-Owner of Inner Courage Counseling, and I found my inner courage this past year, leaving a practice I helped cultivate, nurture, and build to success. It became my baby.  I raised it from infancy to adolescence (10 years).  Adding handfuls of clinicians, interns, and clients.  Implementing policies, procedures, and better business practices. However, at the end of the day, it wasn’t something I could call my own.

    I began to realize that if I wanted to build a practice that aligned with my values, ethics, morals, and overall vision, I needed to make a change. With this realization, my fears acted as logs on the fire standing in my way. I feared going out on my own, failing, feeling as if I was an imposture. I feared I would let down those joining me on this journey. As the logs of fear piled on, I watched my fire begin to grow. I knew this wouldn’t be easy, and I also knew if I stayed, I would never be the change I needed for myself or the world around me.

    I knew that walking through this fire meant facing my greatest fears; failure, potentially disappointing others, and feeling as if I am abandoning people I care deeply about. The journey of finding our inner courage is difficult, and something we can’t do by ourselves. Brittany, my co-owner, and our other therapists Erin and Chelsea helped push me, support me, and encourage me, just as we hope to do for every person that walks through our doors.

    It took tears, fears, emotional breakdowns, and lots of self-doubts.  But I forged ahead, we all did.  And here we are.  Inner Courage Counseling was born (on a napkin in a coffee shop – true story).

    And it’s BEAUTIFUL!

    I am sharing this story with all of you in hopes of being transparent and to show you that we understand how difficult things can become. We are here to let you know, you too can find your inner courage, and you don’t have to do it alone. Our Inner Courage Counseling team is here with you to help navigate this journey we call life.


    By Christine Barker, LCPC, Co-Owner & Chelsea Bogda, LPC | Aug. 27, 2019

    1. Roxanne Fox

      Roxanne Fox

      August 27, 2019 at 6:08 pm -

      Christine – It also takes courage to write and post your story as you did here. Congratulations on facing your fears. Well done!

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