5 Ways to Know When to Seek Counseling

Not sure if therapy is for you??? Inner Courage Counseling’s co-owner and child therapist, Brittany Roback, offers 5 examples of when it is a good time to seek mental health therapy! Watch her video blog to answer the question: Is it time I seek a behavioral health counselor? Hope our video blog helps you to make the right decision for you…

If any of the following questions/statements apply to you… please watch our video to find the answers!

~When would someone like me need a counselor?

~I just have to try to forget and move on.

~Am I weak if I need counseling?

~How do I know it is the right time?

~I have friends I can talk to, that is good enough.

~Does seeing a therapist mean I failed?

Individuals in therapy are on a path of growth, when they acknowledge growth/change is needed.

They are willing to push through their fears to attempt to achieve that change.

Acknowledgement of ones limitations is a strength, not a weakness.

Emotional and behavioral health help for children, teens, adolescents, adults, individuals, couples and families.

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