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  • The Five Love Languages

    What is your love language?

    By: Chelsea Bogda

    How do you receive love? Let’s take a moment and think. When was the last time you felt loved or appreciated? What was happening at that moment? Did someone hug you, give you a gift, or maybe complement your outfit? How about the last time you felt unappreciated? What was missing? Our love language is how we receive and express love. Every one of us has a love language, but we don’t often stop and think about what that might be or how ours may differ from others.

    “we assume others show love the same way we do – and if they don’t, we worry it’s not there.” – (unknown)

    When we learn about love languages, we are better able to recognize what is needed to feel loved and appreciated. So, let’s go through the Five Love Languages!

    1. Words of affirmation

    How do you feel when you receive a compliment, someone tells you they love you and why, or someone leaves you a note telling you why they are thankful for you? If you feel appreciated and loved, this may be your love language! Words of affirmation are using words to build up another.

    1. Physical touch

    Physical touch can provide a sense of connectedness or comfort. If you prefer having the opportunity to express love through physical touch, such as being close to your loved one, holding hands, or hugging, this may be your love language!

    1. Receiving gifts

    Receiving gifts can provide a visual representation that someone was thinking of you. Do you feel important or thought of when someone brings you your favorite snack, gets you that book you have been talking about for a month, or your go-to morning coffee? If so, receiving gifts might be your love language!

    1. Quality time

    Quality time allows someone to have your undivided attention and to be fully present in a moment with one another. If you long for that uninterrupted one on one time having a conversation, going for a walk, or cooking together quality time may be your love language!

    1. Acts of service

    An act of service is when we do something for someone that will help them, or they will appreciate. How do you feel when you have had a long day, and you come home to the dishes done and dinner cooked, or you verbalize a need and someone offers to help you out? If this is something you strongly value, acts of service may be your love language!

    Did any of these love languages stand out to you?

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    By Chelsea Bogda, LPC | January 27, 2020

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